Shannon シャノン (shampoo_neko02) wrote in sdgeeks,
Shannon シャノン


Hello, I've been a part of this community for a while.
Sorry I've never introducded myself. My names Shannon.
And I have a problem. I was wondering if anyone in here could help me out.

My computer has been not working right. My desktop picture wont show all it is is a red background and when I change it it turns back to red. And I get alot of pop-ups, and messages saying that the window can't close. I have a virus removel program but I don't think it's working. It will pop up and tell me I have a trojin virus, I click heal and in about 10 mins the same things pops up again with the same trojin. Also when I track the trojin down I find it in my WITT file and I go to delete it it won't let me. It says the file is in use and connot be deleted. HELP ME PLEASE.

Does anybody know any real goood spywear or viris removel programs that are free or at least not too much money?
Any advice would be hot.

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